Move 2000 Power Station + Go 350 Solar Panel

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Move 2000 Power Station + Go 350 Portable Solar Panel
  • Storage capacity: 1997Wh (2kWh)
  • Battery type: LiFePO4 technology
  • Output power: 2000W continuous power (4000W peak power)
  • 13 outputs: 230V (x3) | USB-A (x4) | USB-C (x2) | 12V (x4)
  • Solar panel power: 350W
  • Solar cell: Monocrystalline silicon

EveBase Move 2000 Portable Power Station

The EveBase Move 2000 is the most powerful and multifunctional portable power station in the Move series. Thanks to its extremely high power and extra-large storage capacity, the Move 2000 is suitable for all electrical appliances and tools. The Move 2000 has a tough and robust design with two handles for easy carrying.

With the Move 2000, you can travel for one or several days or for longer periods by car, camper, caravan or boat without compromising on luxury. You will enjoy complete freedom because with this extremely powerful, durable and easy-to-use power source, you will have enough power for all your devices wherever you go. With a 1997Wh storage capacity, you can charge your laptop almost 35 times, watch 48 hours of television, brew 40 coffees or keep your camping fridge cold for a week. You also have enough capacity and power to power professional (cordless) tools, from rotary hammer to table saw, for a long period of time. That's because this powerhouse has an output of 2000W with a peak power of 4000W. You can connect up to 13 devices to the Move 2000 at the same time. With three 230V sockets, various USB-A and USB-C ports and 12V outlets, you have a suitable connection for every device. Furthermore, Move 2000 is equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) technology. With it, your devices will never be without power in case of a sudden power failure.

The Move 2000 features the most advanced technology and is equipped with a long-lasting and powerful LiFePO4 battery. With +3500 life cycles, these batteries last 6 times longer than standard Li-ion batteries of comparable power stations. This makes this power station very suitable for intensive use. Within just two hours, you can fully recharge the Move 2000. Charging can be done in 3 different ways: via the wall socket, while driving or with solar panels. You can combine the Move 2000 with solar panels from the EveBase Go series. Furthermore, thanks to our innovative BMS system, you get the most out of your power station. All information such as output and input power, the battery percentage and other information is shown real-time and clearly on the extra-large colour LCD display. Convenient, because this lets you know everything about your power station and you will never be unexpectedly without power. Thanks to EveBase's smart solutions, you can also enjoy the devices you have connected in complete silence. This is because all power stations in the Move series are designed with optimal airflow, quiet fans and innovative noise-reducing materials. The Move 2000 is equipped with most modern safety systems and complies with all European laws and regulations.

Important: unlike other brands, EveBase does not use app and/or bluetooth technology. This guarantees the privacy of users of our products. All-important system information can be read real-time via the power station's LCD display.

EveBase Go Portable Solar Panels

EveBase Go series solar panels are designed to charge your EveBase Move portable power station anywhere, anytime. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our solar panels charge faster than traditional solar panels. These solar panels are easy to use and lightweight. Thanks to the compact and foldable design, you can easily take these solar panels with you in your RV, caravan, car or boat.

These plug-and-play solar panels set up within 30-seconds and then easily connect to your portable power station. For optimal efficiency, use the fold-out kickstands and position these solar panels at the ideal angle to the sun. Once the power station is sufficiently charged you can easily and quickly fold these solar panels completely. Once you have folded the solar panel you can easily store it.

The EveBase Go solar panels consist of 4 or 7 panels (depending on the type). The monocrystalline solar cells have an efficiency of 22% to 24%. This means that these solar panels generate up to 6% more energy than solar panels with traditional polycrystalline solar cells. All solar panels are supplied with a five-meter connection cable and various adapters.

EveBase Go 350 Portable Solar Panel

The EveBase Go 350 can generate an average of 2100Wh of energy per day (with optimal weather conditions). This is equivalent to 140x charging your phone, 52 hours of watching television or 210 hours of working with your laptop. The EveBase Go 200 is suitable for the EveBase Move 1200 and Move 2000. Folded up, this solar panel is only 7.5cm wide, 55cm long and 58cm high. Unfolded, the solar panel is 55cm high and 4m long.