Move 1200 Portable Power Station

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Designed to relax

The Move 1200 is specially designed for people who like to travel for one or more days or for longer periods by car, caravan, camper or boat. You will experience the feeling of complete freedom, because with this super powerful and sustainable power source you have enough power for all devices everywhere you go.

Small size, large performance

The Move 1200 portabel power station is somewhat bigger than the Evebase Move 500, but still very compact (38,6 x 22,5 x 31,7 cm). Weighing 12.5 kg this powerhouse can also easily be taken anywhere.

Enough capacity to enjoy the wild

The Move 1200 has a storage capacity of 960Wh. This allows you to charge your laptop about 20 times, watch television for about 24 hours, make a cup of coffee 20 times or keep your fridge cool for multiple days.

Powers everything in your RV

This power station is suitable for all electrical devices with continuous power up to 1200W. The peak power of 2400W makes this portable power station ideal for connecting even large power tools or batteries.

Connect everything and never loose power

The Move 500 is a power hub on which you can connect up to 11 devices at the same time. Two 230V connections, multiple USB ports (two USB-A 12W, drie USB-C 20W en een USB-C 1000W) and three 12V outputs make sure that there’s a suitable outlet available for all your devices.

UPS Technology

Furthermore, the Move 1200 is equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) technology. This means that the power station ensures that your devices will never be without power in the event of a power outage.

Extreme long-life span

The Move 1200 uses the newest and most advanced technology in the field of portable power stations. The Move 1200 is specially equipped with a sustainable and powerful LiFePO4 battery. With +3500 life cycles this battery lasts 6 times longer than standard Li-ion batteries used in comparable power stations . This makes these power stations very suitable for intensive use.

From 0 to 100% in 2 hours

The Move 1200 is fully charged in approximately two hours. You can charge the powerstation using a regular wall socket, while driving your car or you can use the Evebase portable solar panels**. With these options you can charge your device everywhere without waiting too long, ensuring that you’ll never be without power again.

**The Move 1200 is a perfect match with the 200W or the 350W portable solar panel from the Evebase Go series.

Advanced battery management system

Thanks to our innovative BMS (battery management system) you get the most from your power station. Equipped with multiple security systems (overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overcharging protection, discharge protection) the BMS guarantees the quality and safety of the battery in the power station. Furthermore, this system ensures the long life of our batteries.

Everything on the display

All the information like input- and output power, the battery percentage and reminders for charging are being displayed in real-time on the extra large LCD-display. Useful, because this means you know everything about your power station and you will never unexpectedly be without power.

Noise? Just enjoy the silence

All the power stations from the Move series are designed with optimal airflow, quiet ventilators and innovative sound-reducing materials. Thanks to these smart solutions from Evebase, you can enjoy the peaceful silence of nature, even when all your devices are connected.

Technical specifications


Dimensions: (l) 386 x (b) 225 x (h) 317 mm
Weight: 12.5 kg
24 months


Capacity: 960Wh
Cell chemistry: LiFePO4
Life cycles: 3500+ cycles (to 80% of original capacity)


Output power: 1200W
Peak power:
AC output:
2 socket (220-240V 50/60Hz)
USB-A output:
2 ports (5V/2.4A)
USB-C PD output:
3 ports (20W), 1 port (100W)
DC output:
2 port (12V/3A)
Car charging output:
1 port (12V/10A)


AC input recharging time: 2 hours (700W)
DC (Solar) input recharging time:
2 hours (500W)
Car charger input recharging time:
8 hours (12V/10A - 120W)
Dual input (AC + Solar input) recharging time:
1 hour (1200W)

Other features

Display type: LCD color display
LED light: 3 modes (normal / SOS / flash)
Uninterruptible power supply:
Yes (10ms)

Safety & Certifications

Battery Management System: Over current protection, over voltage protection, over load protection, short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection

Looking for something larger or smaller?

Do you want a portable power station that you can easily take with you and that can supply or charge all your household appliances (up to 1200W) and also electric tools? Then the Move 1200 is suitable for you! Do you want even more power and/or capacity? Then choose the Move 2000 from the EveBase Move series. Is a little less power and/or capacity sufficient? Then choose the EveBase Move 500 or perhaps the EveBase Move 300.