WalkSit Walking Stick

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This walking stick is suitable for all terrains and features proprietary anti-shock and anti-slip trekking pole foot pads, providing users with a comfortable and secure experience as they explore new possibilities. This product also employs a folding method and is made of an extremely light carbon fibre composite material. Because the handle and wrist strap are merged into one design, it is easy to carry, fold, and store.

Air Touch footpads and trekking pole tip footpads are included, both of which are easily replaceable and have a wide range of compatibility. The revolutionary Air Touch foot pad’s three-layer sandwich tower structure is made of natural rubber and unique nano-materials, and has excellent anti-slip properties. After numerous iterations of optimisation that meet ergonomic design standards, professional orthopaedic surgeons certified the shape and comfort of the product’s grip. When the user needs to stop and rest, the resting mode can be changed to help the user adopt proper sitting and resting postures. In addition, there are five height adjustment gears available to accommodate users of various heights.

This product has a lightweight design that combines with a comfortable grip to meet ergonomic design standards. It also includes anti-shock and anti-slip trekking pole foot pads. The overall aesthetic is minimalist, dependable, and beautifully designed, meeting the design requirements of modern aesthetics.


  • Model | Walking and resting stick
  • Adjustable | Yes
  • Foldable | Yes
  • Ergonomic handle | Yes
  • Left and right handed | Yes
  • Surface | Hard (anti-slip air-soft rubber) and soft (metal tip)
  • Adjustable range | 84 - 94 cm
  • Dimensions folded | 23,5 x 14 cm
  • Maximum force | 135 kg
  • Material | Carbon
  • Color | Zwart
  • Weight | 480±15g