Go 350 Portable Solar Panel

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Maximum power: 350W
Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency solar cells: 22%
Maximum voltage (Vmp): 18V
Maximum current (Imp): 20A
Charge controller: Yes, 30A
Weight: 13 kg
Dimensions folded: (l) 54.5 x (w) 58 x (h) 10.5 cm
Dimensions unfolded: (l) 405.5 x (w) 54.5 x (h) 5.5 cm

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Be completely self-sufficient

Enjoy ultimate freedom with the EveBase Go 350. This portable solar panel eliminates the need for shore power, making it ideal for people who like to be on the road in their car, caravan, motorhome or boat. This foldable solar panel consists of 7 panels that can collectively deliver 350W per hour of power. During optimal weather conditions, this solar panel generates an average of 2100Wh per day. This is equivalent to charging your mobile phone 140 times, watching 52 hours of television, working with your laptop for 210 hours or keeping food and drinks cold for a week.

Regulate the power supply to your battery

Thanks to the charge controller, you can also use this portable solar panel to charge other types of (standalone) batteries, for example the camper or boat, in addition to power stations. The charge controller is equipped with an LCD display that allows you to easily choose the right setup for your battery type. Furthermore, the charge controller is equipped with two USB ports with which you can directly charge, for example, your phone or tablet.

Just plug it in

The Go 350 is a plug-and-play solar panel that you can easily place and connect within one minute. With the included accessories you can connect this solar panel to all power stations from the EveBase Move series. The plug-and-play accessories are universal, this means you can even charge power stations or batteries from other brands with this solar panel.

You connect the solar panel to your power station with an extended connection cable. This means you don’t have to move the power station while it is being charged by the solar panel.

The included accessories consist of a 5-meter connection cable, various DC adapters and an Anderson/XT-60 adapter.

Small and fully foldable for easy storage

The Go 350 requires a minimum amount of space so you can easily take this solar panel with you. The Go 350 weighs 13 kg and is 7.5 cm wide, 55 cm long and 58 cm high when folded. When fully unfolded, the solar panel is 55 cm high and only 4 m wide.


The Monocrystalline solar cells have an efficiency of 22% to 24%. This means that the EveBase Go 350 generates up to 6% more energy than solar panels with polycrystalline solar cells. The solar cells are protected against dirt, moisture and dust by a durable and water-repellent ETFE protective layer.

Requires almost no space

The Go 350 is smartly designed and is completely foldable. This allows you to easily store the solar panel. If you want to use the solar panel, you can unfold the panels within a few seconds. Using the also foldable kick stands, you can place the solar panel at the ideal angle for optimal efficiency. Thanks to the foldable design and ergonomic handle, you can easily take the solar panel with you.

Technical specifications


Folded dimensions: (l) 545 x (b) 580 x (h) 105 mm
Unfolded dimensions: (l) 545 x (b) 4055 x (h) 55 mm
Weight: 13 kg
24 months


Peak power: 350W
Cell type:
Monocrystalline silicon
Cell efficiency:
Open circuit voltage (Voc):
Short circuit current (Isc):
Voltage maximum power (Vmp):
Current maximum power (Imp):
Operating temperature:
-10°C / +70°C
Connector type: 30A charge controller


Certifications: CE / RoHS

Looking for something smaller?

Do you want a portable solar panel that can charge your portable power station or battery ultra-fast and that you can still easily take with you? Then the Go 350 is suitable for you! Are you looking for a slightly smaller solar panel with less power? Then choose one of the smaller solar panels from the EveBase Go series: EveBase Go 200 or the EveBase Go 120.