EveBase portable power stations are designed and developed for Outdoor, Home and Professional use. They fit to the needs of everyone, just choose the power for your demand.

What is a Portable Power Station?

EveBase portable power stations are powerful, reliable and easy-to-use battery powered generators. A power station is ideal for people who love outdoor life and camping. It is also a great solution for professionals who need a reliable source of power when they are working outdoors and have limited or no access to power. These power stations are also being used as a backup for a power outage or emergencies. Evebase portable power stations have a long life span and are designed to run high power devices for extended periods of time. With an EveBase portable power station you can live and work off-grid and it is your next step to more independency.

Portable Designs
Advanced Safety Systems​
Pure Sine Wave​
Long Life Span​
Quick Recharging

Suitable for any device

EveBase portable power stations are suitable for any device and any occasion. Recharge your daily personal electronics or run your professional power tools. With these power stations you can provide power to up to 13 devices simultaneously.


Our portable power stations are equipped with an ultra advanced Battery Management System. This technology is developed by EveBase to protect the battery and to ensure a longer-life time of your power station.

Easy to Carry

EveBase portable power stations are designed with the highest precision for easy carrying. This means that these power stations are lightweight and have a compact size. This allows you to easily move and store your power station anywhere in your car, campervan or boat.

Safe &

Portable power stations are many times safer and considerably more reliable than conventional energy sources. With a power station you do not run the risk of an unexpectedly empty LPG tank or toxic gas leaks. An portable power station is a safe and reliable companion while your are travelling or working in areas where access to electricity is limited.

Real-time Information​

All EveBase power stations feature a large LCD-screen that provide you accurate information about your power station. The information you see on the screen is constantly updated in real time, as it is happening. You will stay up-to-date with the most current information about the battery time left, the in- and output, and more. This valuable feature make our power stations a product you can rely on.

The Power of Silence

An EveBase power station lets you truly discover the power of silence. These power stations are designed with an optimal air flow, low-noise fans and innovative noise-reducing materials. These clever solutions from EveBase let you enjoy the devices you have connected in the best possible way.

Be Smart, Be Independent

A power station gives you the flexibility to go wherever you want. Don’t look any further for your next stop with a power facility. Take a power stations with you everywhere you go and enjoy the feeling of freedom.